Inspiring Communication for Children with Autism

iTalk Autism supports families and professionals to improve communication skills for children with autism.

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Supporting Families

Is your child struggling to communicate? Do you wish they could just tell you what they want? iTalk Autism provides coaching and tech training for your family and team. Let's work together to ease frustration and simplify the process. Learn More...

“Not only does Amanda talk autism, she also talks "parent". She truly does understand our journey because she lives it herself.” Audrey - Parent

Supporting Professionals

Are you a BC or SLP with a full case load? iTalk Autism supports you and your teams by collaborating to help get communication systems up and running - allowing you to focus on what you do best. Learn More...

"Amanda has been a great asset to the teams.. She puts herself on a child's' level so they are better able to interact and communicate...she also has a lot of fun and elicits lots of smiles and giggles!!"  Kim - SLP

Technology Training

Frustrated with a device or app? iTalk Autism offers training for basic to advanced users, on anything from how to turn the iPad on to customizing an AAC app. Let's make using tech simple so it can be a tool that helps, not hinders.

“Amanda fits naturally into any team, and can explain complicated stuff in a way that everyone can understand.” Sacha - parent

“Amanda and my son have achieved so much. It is delightful to see them work together.”
Pam - Parent
“I so appreciate having Amanda involved as she brings so much creativity, passion and language development supports”
“Amanda has the natural ability to connect with children with Autism like few can and she has a gift that my child was lucky enough to experience!”
Shelly - Parent

iTalk Autism is me, Amanda Raichelle Perry! I'm passionate about all children with autism developing basic communication. Whether that's by speaking, signing, sharing a symbol or picture, or pressing buttons on an iPad.

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