Getting to know you!

What does your child like?

What things do they enjoy with you, their family or therapists?

What makes your child smile?

What things do they lead you to or happily take?

Note: these aren’t thingsĀ that we wish they’d ask for – like broccoli, nor are these items that are part of routines like brushing teeth. Also these aren’t things we tell our children that we are doing, like going to school. Preferences are things that if your child was communicating they would ask for, if they were speaking, they might say šŸ™‚
BE SPECIFIC when possible
i.e. Crackers. Does your child like rice crackers, goldfish, or peanut butter ritz bitz?
or Juice. Do they prefer orange juice, or juice boxes?

SomeĀ sections may not have any preferred items, that’s OK. Just leave blank.
PLEASE USE ONE LINE PER ITEM (use the return key)

If you are filling this in on a mobile device you may find it easier to use this link