About iTalk Autism

iTalk Autism is me, Amanda Raichelle Perry! I'm passionate about all children with autism developing basic communication. Whether that's by speaking, signing, sharing a symbol or picture, or pressing buttons on an iPad.

My Story

I believe every child is capable of being able to say what they need and what's important to them. The key is to have a way that can be understood by anyone - even the Starbucks barista.

In 1988 my sister was born with significant disabilities and I can credit her with immersing me into the world of helping children with special needs, which became my work. I've been an early childhood educator (ECE), a support worker for children with autism in daycares, preschools, and schools (ABA SW), and a behaviour interventionist (BI).  I come from a family of entrepreneurs and my ventures include retailing educational toys, training families to better understand personality dynamics, and in my spare time some painting and art! I enjoy being able to share these skills and resources with kids like BroJoe

For several years I had a business providing technology consultations and training for adults with disabilities. It was during this time that I saw how critical the early years are for teaching communication. When the grants ended I knew that I wanted to go back to doing what I do best - playing on the floor, teaching kids to connect. I love engaging with those kids who find this communication thing really tough. I use all my ESP skills to figure out what motivates them, and we have a lot of fun learning to communicate.

In 2008 I became a foster parent for a child with autism and I am now an adoptive parent. So yes! I eat, sleep, and breathe autism, and I do so by choice. It's a joy to be able to share my creative passion, personal experience and years of knowledge with families and their children - as we inspire each other along this journey.

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Certifications & Continuing Education

  • Proloquo2Go Training Certification
  • Certified TouchChat Trainer
  • PECS: Level 1 Training
  • Transitioning from PECS to SGD (Speech Generating Devices)
  • Early Childhood Education Certification
  • Human Behaviour Studies - Level One

“I had no idea that my daughter’s world would expand as much as it has since we all first met.” Audrey - Parent